Our merger with Western Sun Federal Credit Union was completed on October 1, 2013. All your savings accounts, checking accounts, Certificates of Deposit and your loans are now with them. Please visit their website or call 918-362-1400.
Visit Open Hours Near Me for the nearest credit union locations and hours.

You may review your Covenant FCU account history up to September 30, 2013 by logging on below. To obtain access to your Western Sun FCU account activity online beginning October 1, 2013 contact them for instructions.
List of bank branches in Tulsa, OK: TD Bank - Chase Bank - Bank of America

John Ransdell Ministries will still be located on Grace Church Campus. Visit our website or call us, 918-362-5228.

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Covenant FCU's Merger with Western Sun FCU will be effective October 1st. Please click the "Western Sun" image above to find the closest branch near you.